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Buddy, Can You Spare an eBook? Adventures in Kindle Lending

Last week I wrote an article on two new e-book lending sites.  Kathryn Lively, author of Dead Barchetta, and a presenter at this summer’s Indie Book Event, joined them both and was nice enough to write her thoughts on the process and outcome. Are the new lending models made available through Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook opportunities for [...]

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Can I borrow your Kindle book please?

Ever since Kindle announced its “lend” feature, new sites have been popping up for just that purpose.  The lastest one being Lendle. With sites like Lendle and cropping up, and them not being affiliated with Amazon, the lending process is being stretched. You visit their sites, find the book you want, borrow it, read it, and it is automatically [...]

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