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An Interview with Fred Venturini

Fred Venturini grew up in Patoka, Illinois, where he survived being lit on fire by a bully, a neck-breaking car accident, and being chewed up by a pit bull. His fiction has appeared in places like River Styx, The Death Panel, Sick Things, Johnny America, and Necrotic Tissue, and he is a two-time Chuck Palahniuk anthology finalist. He lives in [...]

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The Samaritan by Fred Venturini
The Samaritan  by Fred Venturini  Published by Blank Slate Press  target publication date: Feb. 2011

Rating: 3 out of 3 stars Awesome. First word that comes to mind when I think about this book. The first 7 chapters were very real. And then the twist comes in Chapter 8. And you can’t help but hold on for the ride. Here is a man who never was much growing up, and now he has learned that [...]

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