Was trying desperately not to have to upload these pictures for all to see, considering I was melting at the convention and my hair is slicked back making me look like a creepy used car salesman, but here goes.  There are only four.


This first one is of Tony Hawk and myself. I waited over an hour on line for him. This one is quite a funny story. I met a librarian who was standing on line and we quickly began chatting. She told me she was online for Tony and that he wasn’t planning on showing up for another hour. I quickly told her I was going to move on but it was great meeting her.

Well she ended up taking me hostage and wouldn’t let me leave. We ended up having a blast  on line eating chocolate, getting tote bags and our numbers in line. The booth manager kept asking the line to move from one place to another because it kept getting longer and blocking other booths.

I forgot her name, which is sad, because I would have liked to re-connect with her and shared a laugh or two of our one hour wait on line.

Once it was my turn (I was number 23), Tony Hawk was great. He was all smiles, friendly and generous with him time.


This next picture is of Unbridled Books. I think anyone that follows my twitter stream knows about my obsession with this publisher. I think it was one of the first ones I connected with when I started my blog and they have been gracious and lots of fun to work with. A lot of people ask me if it’s not the authors I like rather than the publisher.

I love their books, their authors (I got to meet Emily Mandel at BEA last year and she signed a copy for me…um no, it’s not in a shadow box hanging on my wall), their picks in books, and yes, the publisher. Anyone I have spoken with that has dealt with them has nothing but great things to say about them. They will always be my first true love.

During BEA this year I made a bee line to them. As I was walking towards them I stopped and had to collect myself. *don’t act like a fool, don’t act like a  fool, don’t act like a fool*

Guess what I did!!  I ACTED LIKE A FOOL! It’s like I got there and I couldn’t make myself shut up! I was gushing about them and their books…TO THEM!! Some poor soul was next to me and I’m sure she thought I was deranged. I quickly asked if I could take a copy of their newer books and I slinked away.

But it gets worse folks! I then came back about an hour later wondering if maybe one of their authors was planning on stopping by. What I was going to do if they had said yes, was beyond me, but a restraining order would be in there somewhere.

And then, it gets…that’s right…WORSE!

I went back again. And I saw the publisher. And he was sitting down not looking at me. There was one lonely book on his table and I made a grab for it. I didn’t have that one, and by golly it was going to be mine. I was in the clear. And then it happened. He got up, looked up and locked eyes with me. I froze, then I quickly grabbed the book and ran away.  That’s right ran.

Needless to say, I can never show my face in front of them again.  No really I can’t. I’m pretty sure I am going to get served with papers in the next couple of days.


This  is me and the author of Oliver, Christopher Franceschelli. The book is beautiful and he was so nice. Did I mention it was about an hour before the end of the day and I skipped the line? That’s right, I’m not proud of it, but I needed to get this book. I had heard great things about it, and people kept leaving his are talking about how cool his book looked.

The picture is a bit fuzzy, but thank goodness, because by that time I was covered in sweat.







This is me at the Random House section of BEA with author Ellen Feldman, and her book Next to Love: A Novel. She was lots of fun to meet. All smiles and happy to meet readers and fans.

I was actually lucky to meet her as I was walking by, yet again not knowing there was going to be a signing going on, and I was third in line. About a minute later I turned around and there was a long line waiting to meet her. I’m really looking forward to reading her book.

Random House was also nice enough to give me a tote bag with some goodies inside and I promised them I would join their book club, which I have and look forward to greatly.

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