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Who is Donovan Candle? He is the consummate husband. Stable, hard-working, and dedicated to his wife, Donovan is a paragon of the Middle Class.
Until now.
Strange visions of a monochromatic world. Bizarre sensations of physical transparency.
At first, Donovan fears he’s losing his grip on reality, but as the week wears on and the odd afflictions intensify, he wonders if he is truly fading from existence.
When his wife is abducted, his life goes from weird to terrifying. To get her back, Donovan must play by a stranger’s rules. Will he be in time to save her-and himself-from the dangers of A Life Transparent?

What would you do if someone called up on your boring life? Donovan Candle had no choice but to find out. In this story, we are led as Donovan must save his kidnapped wife as a way to prove to him that he can’t continue to live his in such a mundane way.

The story starts off great. A man is unhappy with his life and has a job he hates just so he and his wife can later afford to have a child. He works as a telemarketer and gets that one phone call where someone asks him what his dreams are and why he isn’t living them.  He says sometimes it’s ok not living out your dreams if it helps pay the bills of your life now. Unfortunately he said that to the wrong person. The other person on the line took it upon himself to kidnap Donovan’s wife in order to show him the excitement he is missing.

The book has me hooked.  This is perfect! As you continue reading the book it begins to take a shape of its own. Monsters and introduced. His body begins to flicker. He ends up living in two seperate universes. One in color and the other in monochrome.

This is the part where I think the story loses me. I was really enjoying the first part of the book. It’s something we all go through. We are bored with our lives and sometimes we need that person to shove us into remembering there is exciting stuff out there waiting for us. I’m not much of a sci-fi reader, so this wasn’t quite up my alley.

I do have a bone to pick with the book. In the beginning we were getting to know Donovan and his wife. Their relationship with each other, his brother, and their feelings about their future child. And all of a sudden it stops. I don’t get to know anything else about the characters. I am quickly thrown into action. While there are moments of “are they going to make it”, I don’t have enough emotional connection with the lead characters to really care. So the wife may be killed or assaulted? Sad, but oh well.  I wanted to feel more for them.

That being said,  I enjoyed the book. It’s a great topic (how many of us hasn’t thought about if our life is going to leave a lasting impression?). Any sci-fi lover will enjoy the ghost/monster inclusion and see great potential in this new author.

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