You Believers is a powerful, cathartic story of casual evil and of how the worst things can be faced so that we might not only survive, but grow. A young woman goes missing, and her mother uproots her life to find her daughter. But it is not just the heartbreak or the deep mystery of the hunt for lost loved ones that Bradley so convincingly explores. Rather, with the help of an amazingly dedicated searcher, family and friends somehow learn to move past unspeakable horror and celebrate the tenacity of the human spirit. Offering a vision that is at once ruthless and utterly compassionate, Bradley renders the search for logic, meaning, redemption and even hope in the domino force that is human nature. Part Southern gothic, part crime, part haunting suspense story, You Believers takes us on an infinitely harrowing journey that rewards the reader with insight into how we might endure horrible events with faith, strength, and grace even while it reveals the ripple effects of random violence.

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I found this to be a heart-wrenching book. The thought of any child going missing is horrible. Granted this child was a 30 year old woman, but it’s quick to forget that there is a mother out there worried for her.

We read this story from a couple different voices. Livy, the mother of the missing woman, Billy, the fiancee and Shelby, the missing person tracker. Shelby’s voice is the most personal and I was able read her point of view from a first person perspective. I grew to like her and understand how she was able to do her job. The character of Livy was well written as the grieving mother. I was able to go on this hunt for the killer through her eyes and feel the sadness and anger she felt lead after lead. Bill wasn’t given as much play but I did find the church scene to be quite emotional and enlightning to him.

This is a very sad but real look as to what goes on to friends and families as they search for the missing. The incident with the young girl at Land Falls is also unfortunately how other crimes get solved. Here we had a young girl who was brutally beat and raped, but through her strength she managed to get the boy talking and was able to escape with information about the missing girl. Everything worked in this book. I felt as if I was right there with her trying to give her the power and courage to continue fighting and surviving.

I would like to see this book be part of a series.  Shelby is quite a strong character and it would be great to watch her solve new cases.

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