Then: Sergeant Vince Paulo held his best friend’s daughter, McKenna, bleeding in his arms as she uttered the name of her murderer and ex-boyfriend, Jamal. That was minutes before a blast made everything go black for Vince—forever.
Now: Miami criminal defense lawyer Jack Swyteck has been called in to save Jamal from the death penalty for terrorist activity. Despite urgent warnings from his fiancÉe, undercover FBI agent Andie Henning, to stay away from the case, Jack finds himself inextricably drawn to Jamal’s past—even believing his alibi that he was abducted and held in a black site in Prague at the time of McKenna’s death. But if Jamal is innocent, then the man who murdered McKenna and took Vince’s sight is still out there . . . free.
Soon bodies begin to pile up and ghosts from the past reappear very much alive, confirmed by ominous threats from a faceless man known only as “the Dark.” Vince and Jack must confront a mortal danger that goes beyond McKenna’s death, across international waters—a journey to piece together the past that leads through the back alleys of London, onto illegal Internet sites, and straight into the mind of pure evil.

This book has it all. Murder, Kidnapping, Terrorism and sex crimes. The beginning premise of the book grabbed my attention. A young couple, an unstable young man and a dead girlfriend. This reads right up my alley. I was faced soon after with “secret black sites”, terrorism, and a sex crime ring.  Suddenly this boy being charged with the murder of his girlfriend has become involved with some sensitive government issue, no one trusts each other due to classified information and , for me, the main story line gets horribly lost. There is just too much going on.

I felt sad when Vince wasn’t able to make it to the house in time. I had a connection with the victim as well as her father and Vince who wanted nothing but to protect her from her boyfriend. By chapter 2, that story line was put on the backburner and only appeared topically in order to make the other story lines stronger.

After accepting that this book was all over the place, I settled in and continued reading. The first half of the book was ok and I figured if nothing else it would be a quick read. Then I hit the second part of the book. It was weird. Since when did attorneys act like that? I understood that this was a personal issue for Jack, but since when did attorneys transform into agents and spies? While I was able to accept the terror ties and everything else, the second part of the book just became too unbelievable for me.

I felt a bit let down by this book. It was a fast paced book, just seemed a bit story heavy for me.

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