Rating 0 out of 3 stars

I went on twitter and posted I was reading this book.  I got many people telling me they love this author and loved her books so far. So I went in bright eyed and ready to be blown away. Yup, still waiting.

  • While the book is about a young girl trying to deal with her father’s suicide, a heavy subject, the book read to me as having no emotion whatsoever. It felt as if it was written to be written. It was slow going (and not in a good way). I would have been able to tolerate the book more had it had a suspense element to it, yet there was nothing. It was just a story.
  • Her relationship with the other characters wasn’t explored as well as it should have to really make an impact to the story:
    • Beth: So Eddie doesn’t like her. She feels as if she is taking over her home and not making the best choices when it comes to her mother. Been there done that. Just go into any house with a teenager. Someone new comes into their house and there is going to be friction. How about some real communication and challenge? One of them really gets in the others face? Something, anything!
    • Milo: Best friend for ages, they kiss, it’s awkward, they continue to be friends, it gets awkward again…and over and over.
    • Culler: This is the one relationship where at least something happens. We are finally introduced to a character where our feelings toward them changes as the story progresses. At first we like him, then we are wary of him, and then we are turned off by him. By the time we get to that, we are thankful the author gave us something to feel about.

Overall I wasn’t impressed with this book. It was the first I picked up by this author and unless another one of her works crosses by desk, it will be the last. I don’t always require drama and movement, but stale water doesn’t do it for me either.

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