Dear George Ancona;

As a Spaniard, I expected this book to be different.  I was looking forward to seeing the huge, beautiful dance schools in Sevilla, and reading about our twelve string guitar and the difference to the traditional 6 string.  Castanets were barely spoken about and footwork never made its prescience.

Instead were were given a history of flamenco.  Taking place in Mexico.  And while I know there are many Mexican flamenco dancers, I feel as if a great opportunity was missed to show the world what the dance signifies.

I really wanted to like this book. I was especially looking forward to the images of the dresses which can cost thousands of dollars. Sadly I wasn’t oohing and ahhing, which if you go to any flamenco show you know the dress in very important to the dance.

This book deserves a subtitle in order to inform people this is Flamenco through the eyes of the Mexican community (which there is nothing wrong with). However, most people will automatically mind travel to Spain when they hear “flamenco” and will be thrown and disappointed by the book’s content.



Product Description

FLAMENCO-it’s dancing, it’s singing, it’s guitar playing! It’s a way of expressing oneself that has evolved from many influences over hundreds of years. Today flamenco is practiced throughout the world and all across the United States. In Santa Fe, New Mexico, we meet Janira Cordova, the youngest member of a company studying to perform flamenco. Here the students learn the tools of their art-how to move their hands, arms, bodies, and feet to the traditional rhythms of the music and songs. Each aspect of flamenco is explored in detail. The origins of the art form are also explained, which draw upon the musical traditions of Indian, Arab, and North African cultures, among others. Janira’s flamenco has progressed well, and at Santa Fe’s annual Spanish Market in July, she finally has a chance to join the older dancers and perform in the town plaza. With colorful, action-packed photographs and accessible text, readers are sure to feel Janira’s excitement and catch flamenco fever. ¡Olé!

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