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Thank you for including me in your blog tour.

This book includes robots, high intensity chasing, being able to see the future, love, danger and suspense. For the most part I think you did a great job in tying it all together. I enjoyed the first chapter in which we find out about the “seeing” ability and we end up feeling bad for Maureen losing her fiancee three seconds after getting engaged (in those three seconds she has a vision of him getting murdered in front of her).

I did find however, that for the next several chapters this was not spoken about.  While Maureen was busy disappearing in order not to get killed by the same people that killed her boyfriend, no thoughts of what had just happened enter her mind. It would have read more realistic had the thought about it in the following four chapters. I found myself not relating her to as a woman. Even when she visits her father to pick up her robot she glazes over the topic.

The rest of the book was quite fast moving and did involve a good amount of suspense and surprise. Maureen finding out Special agent Lucas’ secret was an added twist, and while it was interesting, it couldn’t push the book the extra step. I found while reading that everything was good by itself (robot, visions, suspense, danger…) it didn’t play nice together. In certain scenes it was all tied up in a neat bow, while in others we don’t feel the connection and it seems like circumstances were written in to remind us about a story line.

That being said, I enjoyed the book.  It could have been tighter and organized a bit better, but it’s a good book to read for a quick suspense.



Overall Grade: C+

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Maureen thought her special gift was a curse. Maybe she’s right-
As the one man who accepted her “gift” slid the diamond ring onto her shaky finger, Maureen saw his death flash in her mind an instant before the bullet struck. With blood on her hands and a government research project in the balance, Maureen-Gilly-Gillman does the only smart thing she can. She disappears. If there was one thing Maureen had learned, it was Never Tempt Danger.
Special agent Lucas Danger knows Maureen Gillman better than any other man. Assigned to find Gilly and her military robot prototype, Lucas discovers that his past has caught up with him. When the woman he loves collides with his secretive past, Lucas has to open his mind as well as his heart to save Maureen.
Who will get to her first?


Author Interview

Where are you from?

I am a Midwest girl, originally from Iowa then Nebraska, Minnesota, Virginia, Florida, a slight detour to New Jersey before going back to Florida then finally settling down in New Hampshire. You’d think my father was military with all the moving I’ve done and places I’ve lived, but nope, he worked for the phone company.

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

This is a fabulous question. I think every author feels like a writer when he/she receives that first call from a publisher offering him/her a contract. We feel it again when we have the book in our hands, can run our fingers across the spine and see our name in print. But for me, the time I truly felt like a writer was when a reader stopped me to tell me how much they enjoyed my story. How it made them laugh, made their heart race, kept them at the edge of their seat turning the pages. THAT was the day I realized I was a writer!

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

In my latest novel, NEVER TEMPT DANGER, I think there are two messages. The first is that just because someone is different does not make them a freak. It makes them special and you should cherish that difference. Second, anything is possible. If we put our minds and technology to it, we can do anything and more than likely we already have. You just don’t know it.

How much of the book is realistic?

NEVER TEMPT DANGER and I would have to say all of my novels are very realistic. They are all based on real technologies or technologies under development, our government and maybe even some people I know. People steal money, proprietary information, other people’s identities, and build new weapons, new technologies every day. I write about all of those and more.

What are your current projects?

My current project is a book titled Phish NET Stalkings. Here’s the blurb:

All she wanted was to find love. Was that too much to ask? How difficult could it be to find one man, the perfect man for her?

After dating the losers of the century, Jane decides there has to be a better way. She turns to an online dating service. After all, they guarantee a ‘happily ever after’ or your money back.

Jane East, CEO of ‘Not So Plain Jane’s organic cosmetics wants to fall in love with a man who makes her toes curl when he kisses her. Instead, the one man who makes her toes curl also wears ladies’ pink underwear and a badge. The pink underwear she could probably deal with, but the badge is a different story.

Ever since seeing her mother and granny Pearl murdered by men with badges, Jane has a fear of cops and anyone who carries a badge. Especially, because the killers are still on the loose and searching for her.

Former FBI Cybercrime special agent turned small-town Chief of Police, Cooper Chance, gets caught with his pants down and his family jewels tucked in pink ladies’ underwear with lacy frills when he meets the woman of his dreams. That’s not his only issue. The woman has a fear of badges. If he can get past her guard, maybe he can save her life.

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.

Having a supportive network is extremely important for anyone who wants to write. As much as we all like to think we can write we need the honesty of others to tell us when something does or does not work. While I have been very fortunate to have my father as my first round editor and biggest supporter he may not always be able to help me work a scene out. I have friends and fellow writers I met thru the New Hampshire Romance Writers of America, friends and writers I met attending English classes at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, and then there are those friends who I can just call up or email and throw a scenario at them and they will toss idea back and forth. All of these people will give thumbs up, down, or if it is a scene that really blows chow, they will say, “What the heck was that? Please go back and rewrite the stinky mess with the true character.”

OH! I am so not kidding. Utter honesty is the key to a supportive network. I have a great one!

Do you see writing as a career?

For writing to be a career it would have to pay the bills, and it doesn’t. But, yes, I wish it did. However, I consider my writing an obsession. It’s one of those things where I have pen and paper or laptop with me at all times, and I am compelled to write. Even if I’m not writing my work-in-progress I am writing something, perhaps a poem, a short story, or a blog post. I’ll be driving in the car, taking a shower, crawling into bed, or listening to someone’s conversation while at dinner, and my mind starts taking notes for a scene in my book. Hm…you think that makes me obsessive-compulsive?

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?

Nope. NEVER TEMPT DANGER practically wrote itself. The story idea popped into my head one evening while crawling into bed and wouldn’t let go. The characters just jumped right out and grabbed me. And the ending. . .well, you will have to read it to find out, but was a blast to write and surprised my publisher.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?

Here’s an excerpt from the first chapter for Phish NET Stalkings: How’s this for a hero?

With a few twists, Cooper had the bra shifted in the right direction, and the straps slipped over his shoulders. One quick peek at the mirror told him he looked utterly ridiculous. He rolled his eyes heavenward and silently asked, “Why me?”

When he checked his reflection again, his shoulders slumped and he poked a finger at the bra’s cup. It dimpled and stayed there. Like that looks real! What if some pervert tried to cop a feel and came up with air? Then his cover would be blown and the perp beating up on the local hookers would know they had set a trap for him and get away.

How about a little of our heroine?

White linen covered round tabletops while sparkling crystal and silver shone in the light from the glittering chandeliers. A violinist traveled the room and played soothing and tender notes when the pianist took his breaks. The setting was beautiful and romantic, and had she been there with almost anyone else Jane would probably have fallen in love.

Instead, she was with Bob. Jane blew out a frustrated sigh sending her bangs airborne. Bob could not dance, and she had the swollen and bruised feet to prove it. Add to the purple toes, his slimy hands holding hers, and what could have been a very dreamy evening turned out to be the kind where she wished for an escape hatch in the ladies’ room.

The entire time he held her in his arms, her face buried in his stanky armpit, she kept picturing herself hiking up her ankle-length, hip-hugging dress, stepping up on a toilet lid, and crawling out of a window to freedom and fresh, dry air. Being twenty-six stories off the ground put the kibosh on that fantasy.

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